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The restaurant’s name ESPICE – a portmanteau of the French words espace (space) and spirale (spiral) – was conceived around the concepts of an Earth-themed space and an endless, upward spiral where one will never pass the same spot twice.

For humans, food is directly connected to living. The source of food is the Earth, so we want our guests to be more sensitive to the Earth’s atmosphere and the innate flavor of food ingredients. That is why our concept revolves around the Earth. Feel the Earth’s breath; live in harmony with and return to Nature. We are passionate about and respect the ingredients we use, so we only use Japan’s best and add a Japanese touch to foster a new form of expression born from tradition. We strive to serve and propagate creative, modern French cuisine and gastronomy from Kobe.

We want our food, wine, service and atmosphere to be the spice you add when enjoying a relaxing meal with special people.